Saturday, November 8, 2008

These Days...

Hello... Allot going on... I am working in a dental office... I like it but it really isn't enough to make me think! it is to easy... so I am looking for somthing a smidge more challenging! The kids are great... Kenzee had straight A's at the end of the quarter as did the Twins! smarty pants!!! Cooper wishes he could go to school.... next year will be he time! Addy is onry! OH MY. her vocabulary has flourished! and well... she isn't afraid of anyone. She took Landen who is my Autistic nephew (he is constantly hitting them... he doesn't know any better) and well the other day she had had enough. He hit her... and she turned around grabbed him by the collar (he is a very tall 6 year old and addy is a very short 2 year old... getting the picture?) and said "NO, NO Landen. NO hitting." she had him by the collar and pulled him down to the floor into a sitting position and then told him "Hitting is not nice, NO hitting. ... Angie and I had been sitting in the living room talking and we both just watch in amazment ... when she was done we both just cracked up! Needless to say Landen didn't hit her any more that night... TOO FUNNY!

Halloween was great! I didn't have to take them trick or treating... b/c they were at their dads... but I did get to go to a Dance... which was a blast. I threw my shoulder out swing dancing... SO FUN and totally worth it! met some very nice new friends!

Divorce paperwork should be finalized soon... that is exciting stuff! I want to go to Utah to celebrate~ I need some me time !!! Aub... I am coming!

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving... it is my favorite holiday! I have so much to be thankful for! ~

Friday, September 26, 2008


This is not fun.
Don't get me wrong the time with my kiddos is enjoyable... however the financial stress that comes with that is nausiating. I NEED A JOB. we are getting by b/c of Navy money.. so that is good. but still. I am feeling very unproductive... I am trying to stay positive.

Kids are great. Tatum came up to me the other day and says... Mom, even thou I don't follow your directions, I still love you. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. So I told her that she could show me that she loved me by following my directions. just smiled and walked away... oh my goodness...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Gotta JOB!

Life is getting better!
I got a job this week, it is 2 blocks from my house, the hours allow me to get the kids on and off the bus so that equals not having to pay before and after care. I have 1/2 days on friday... :) and I don't have to work with anyone else... no gossip hens in a cubicle farm! Hurray!!!!! so needless to say I have been blessed! Thank you for your prayers and support.
love you all....

Kids Swimming

I took the kids to the YMCA on saturday... and I decided that it was worth writing about. the twins claim to know how to swim... and with life jackets they are fine.. Cooper is a lil wary he likes to hang onto the side and get out and jump in and swim to the side... over and over and over ... it is as humerous as it sounds... then... there is Addison.

Addison is 2... and apparently afraid of nothing. She would climb the stairs and turn around and say jump while she jumped and I was supposed to catch her... the first few times she would cling to me and then try it again but but the time we got out of the pool... she was swimming on her own to the side of the pool. she would push my hands away and she would swim... SHE IS 2! um hello... I would let her... she was good... kicking her lil feet and moving her arms.. she was a rockstar!

That is about the just of it... although the grandma's in the locker room thought I was crazy when I had the five of us crammed into a dressing room trying to get them all changed!

Ain't Life Great!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Ok.... serioulsy... I know that it is bad to keep things bottled in... and that stress is horrible and you need to find an out for it... but is it at all possible to ever get rid of ALL of the stress... I am here to say no it is not. because, well for me at least, as soon as it is gone... well there is more waiting for you ... now some would say that you must not focus on the bad but more the good... ok, I am trying that. I am also working out 5 times a week to help the stress go away! which I might add is definately helping with the extra baby fat I have been carryin around... so in that sense I love stress... 25lbs smaller than I was in April when my stress began... ok so Thank you Chad for that... but seriously... that is all the thanks he will get.

I am going to vent a minute... bare with me.

Can someone please explain to me the thought process behind the man who cheats on his wife, leaves his family to move back in with mom and dad b/c there he can continue his internet affair with a 22 year old stripper from Vegas.... serioulsy... there has to be a logical explaination ... doesn't there? I will take responsibility for being witchy sometimes, and maybe nagging a smidge b/c he hadn't had a job in oh 2.5 years.... and never doing any house work while he was at home with the kids (WHERE I WANTED TO BE) while I was working 45hrs a week to provide for our family... so again I ask is there a logical explaination? OH and then when paperwork is filed and he is served, he comes over to express his undying love for you and his family... only to answer, when asked if he is still in contact with the stripper, to say yes we talk daily... yea buddy, undying love my arse! get out of my house! No there is no logical explaination...... other than psychosis... :)

I am done venting and do infact feel a lil less stressed.... this blogging thing might not be so bad! uh!


I am starting a blog... I figure if nothing else it will be entertaining! ;)

I will get pictures up of the kiddos soon... that too will be entertaining!

Ok well an intro to us... we are a make you laugh kind of klan! Picture this... a cute lil house in the middle of a city, normal sized yard... no pets b/c there is enough chaos without them... 2 six year old GIRLS, Tatum and Taylor, 1 four year old BOY, Cooper, a two year old lil girl, Addison, and a 29 year old mom, Melissa. (Ya, Cooper doesn't stand a chance! but he sure tries...) 1 couch 1 oversized chair and ottaman, 1 table with 5 chairs... 5 beds.... 8 dressers! and yet we all manage to sit in the 1 chair at the same time... or sleep in the biggest bed at the same time... clothes are never in the dressers for very long and we eat together most of the time... they think they help with dinner although I am pretty sure that is all me... and I have even discovered that my twins think they can tell me directions and how to drive... so!!! chaos it is! well kinda ... don't think that it's always like that... I mean seriuosly between the hours of 9pm and 7am it's quite nice... :) anyway we love each other, help each other and support each other and well... we manage! so welcome to our blog and try not to laugh yourself right out of the chair....